1.      Dynamic Personal Gravity (DPG)

a.  Every being exudes specific vibrations of energy that constantly fluctuate in frequency and amplitude. These fluctuations change the attractive and repulsive force of your personal gravity / energy that pulses from you.

2.      DPG Governed Life Lines

a.  DPG exudes from everyone, and affects everyone. It governs the path that your life will grow and who you will encounter on our journey. You will begin to have acute control over your DPG as you start to understand these concepts. Having acute control allows you to govern your life path.

b.  Each DPG has specific repulsive and attractive properties in relation to other DPGs and events leading to epiphany moments.

3.      Epiphanal Moments

a.  An Epiphanal Moment is when you have a moment of connection with creation where you see and feel the link between you and the existence before you with such clarity and union. The actions of life around you will begin to punctuate your thoughts.  In many ways it’s like creation tickling you, because you can’t tickle yourself.

4.      The Moral Boundary

a.  There is a boundary of right and wrong within each of us. How you move within it determines how much correction or reward you receive in life. If you are constantly crossing your own personal moral boundary you will continue to grow greater and greater correction for yourself, until the correction is so severe that you change. It should be noted that you can change this moral boundary within yourself. You can convince your mind that something is OK. You can justify anything, even killing. 

This is also known as searing your conscience.  It is not recommended.

5.       The perfect DPG

a.  There is an understanding and recognition of a perfect vibration within us all. It is tied to the Moral Boundary.