Your body is an antennae, constantly sending and receiving signals

Your being has a unique vibration pattern that is specific to you. With every moment that passes you are emitting fields of energy. These fields are encoded with the very essence of your being. Every passion. Every fear. Every dream. Every nightmare. Every belief you have ever had about yourself and about the reality you experience.

This energy is your essence. The Essence of You.

Your emotional state affects how you vibrate. A change in emotion will cause a change in the shape (frequency) and power (amplitude) of your Essence.  As your emotions fluctuate, your body’s specific balance of chemicals change accordingly – while you continue to pulse electrically …The piece of vibrating flesh that your consciousness calls home vibrates according to the state of your being.

The state of your emotions. Think about the last time you heard something so inspiring it gave you goosebumps... and each of your hairs stood on end. In that moment you FEEL differently as well. As if thousands of tiny pins are poking your skin from the inside out. Your body is sending and receiving signals constantly. 

These signals are directly linked to thought patterns within yourself and others.

It is a fact that we radiate energy. 

You can see more and more evidence of these vibrations as our ability to view them increases.  i.e.  electro-magnetic pulses, thermal radiation, gravitational fields, etc... and these are only the ones we can scientifically observe currently. As our ability to scientifically observe increases we will begin to see these antennae properties more clearly.