These are the basic terms you will need to understand as you ascend into your true self.

Relative Perception:    What you believe you will see evidence of.

This is one of the most fundamental properties of our existence/nature.

What is the effect?

Because you are a god, whatever you believe will grow into this creation and into your personal reality. Your belief will cause the randomness of events in your life to become less random according to the specific state of your being, and the personal understanding of what you believe reality to be.

i.e.      If you believe your co-worker is always talking about you behind your back, your day will unfold in such a way as to create moments that substantiate your belief. 

This co-worker might not ever talk poorly about you. However, on the one occasion that he/she may say something that could be taken the wrong way; the random happenings of your day will align in such a way that your path is brought near their path at the very moment he/she speaks those words.  Thus substantiating your belief, even though it is untrue.

Dynamic Personal Gravity / Amplitude

The field of energy that your flesh emits when pulsed with electricity. It's attractive & repulsive force increases and decreases as your amplitude changes. These increases or decreases can either affect the whole of your energy or specific dimensions of your energy.  Specific flavors of yourself.


Reduction in Randomness

This occurs with an increase in Dynamic Personal Gravity. As your amplitude increases entropy decreases. The energy of your presence changes the entropy of creation around you.  With a high amplitude, the essence of your being creates order. Randomness is decreased and patterns will emerge. These patterns may or may not be recognizable to others. They will always be unique to you.